Height: 5’9″
Weight: 208
Sign: Libra

Hi, I’m Armani, I’ve been performing for many years and in that time have traveled the world doing what I love. I lived in Las Vegas for four years while working with the Men of Saphire and training and competing as a professional bodybuilder. I’ve also performed in Los Angelas, Miami, New York, Dallas, Chicago, and Dubi. Toronto however, is where I now call home and occasionally fly out of town to do a show in Las Vegas. I never get tired of the Toronto culture and dining out at some of the city’s best hot-spots. You might even catch me at Brassaii in the summer having a piece of chocolate cake on the patio as it is my favorite cheat meal. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many great people during my time in the business and never get tired of performing my signature fire show. In the summer I like to spend the days on my boat or hop on my Kawasaki Nija and go for a ride down Lakeshore soaking in the rays. Mind you it’s always better with a with a girl on the back.